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CIDIC - CIDECT Design & Information Centre including the lectures

An ongoing activity of CIDECT is to develop and provide ‘easy-to-use’ design tools (i.e. computer programs) for practice. As the use of software will more and more replace hand calculations, a compact PC software package has been developed which should help the designer to perform specific tasks like the design of members or joints. These tools are embedded in a 'user shell' called the 'CIDECT Design & Information Centre'(CIDIC). Through such a user shell, the  designer will be guided using the different design tools.
Furthermore, CIDIC includes the so-called Eurocode lectures - a complete set of lectures dealing with the new EN version of Eurocode 3.

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CFL - CIDECT design tool for lattice girder joints under Fatigue Loading

With the software CFL, CIDECT provides the designer a tool for the safe and easy application of the hot spot stress method.

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CMS - CIDECT design tool for the design of Members and Sections

The software CMS is provided by CIDECT in order to provide the designer a simple tool to perform a full set of design checks according to the new EN 1993-1-1 for sections and members respectively. Hence, the software will not only cover the new formulae for the stability checks for beam-columns. The software will cover all ULS checks given in chapters 6.2 and 6.3 of EN 1993-1-1.




This software carries out resistance verifications of the assemblies, in accordance with Eurocode 3, for all types of assemblies covered by the design guides of the C.I.D.E.C.T. numbers 1 and 3.

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Software for the verification of concrete filled hollow section columns (plain or reinforced) under fire action.

The software currently is revised.




Software for the calculation of temperature and load resistance of tubular beams and columns in fire based on simple methods of Eurocode 1 to 4.